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The Honor Group Vision

Educating America’s youth to appreciate patriotism and instill honor and self-respect for family and our country.

PURPOSE STATEMENT (The Three E’s): Educate – Empower – Equip

The Honor Group Educates: With nationally recognized events such as The Honor Bowl and School Honor Tours we bring together prep athletics and our highly acclaimed, school speaking team. We tell the story of the sacrifice of a soldier’s life. We teach the students of America about what a hero looks like and they leave changed and inspired with a new sense of purpose and pride for the community and our nation’s veterans.

“Our school and community were blown away by the power of the Honor Tour. We saw our community bind together for a CAUSE as we had never seen before. Thank you for bringing this event to our school”.
Jay Berns – Principal Lincoln High School, Lincoln, CA.

The Honor Bowl Football Invitation is the first and largest high school football showcase on the west coast. The purpose is to educate student’s, coaches and community regarding the needs of our military veterans. Since the debut of THE HONOR BOWL in 2010, this event has played to over 110 schools, communities and an estimated 100,000 sports fans from seven states. We can’t even estimate how many thousands have seen the event on television.

We want our school to understand and appreciate the troops. We feel if we can take a week to honor our troops it’s totally worth it”.
Casey Taylor, Former Head Football Coach, Del Oro High School, Loomis, CA.

 “Every year our school wants to compete in The Honor Bowl. Our students, coaches, and community love this event and we help fundraise to be a part of it”.
Matt Logan, Head Football Coach, Centennial High School, Corona, CA.

The Honor Group Empowers: Since nothing is more empowering than the ability to provide for oneself and family, The Honor Group is committed to helping transitioning service members find meaningful employment.  

Driven by the deep belief that veterans are civic assets and leaders, The Honor Group works to empower veterans to transform their own lives by serving others and directly impacting their communities. The Honor Group empowers veterans facing the challenge of adjusting to life at home to find new missions. We redeploy veterans in their communities so that their shared legacy will be one of action and service.

The Honor Group Equips: The vision of our nonprofit is to raise much-needed funds to equip injured, ill and wounded veterans who may also suffer from PTS and TBI with tools that will help them return to a normal civilian life. We have purchased specialized all-terrain wheelchairs and now we are moving forward by purchasing companion service dogs who are well known to have a strong positive effect in helping resolve combat-related PTS issues.

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Be part of an organization that holds respect for those who serve and left with the memories of loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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