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Honor Radio

Honor Radio will provide listeners with people that The Honor Group have been associated with for years. This includes top High School Coaches and ADs, Military Officers, veterans and so many friends of The Honor Group.

It is about time for us to share our history of great games, events that motivates us to continue to plan and deploy The Honor Bowl and many other events that The Honor Group is involved in.

If you have a suggestion for a great guest, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Great Stories

Here from the front line, the gridiron and all over the world. The list of people that have been involved with both the formation of The Honor Group and Honor Bowl continue with a strong passion to educate athletes, coaches & communities about to constant and continued resources to help those who have served.


First-Hand Accounts

We love what we do because of the people who are in our lives. We believe these stories need to be heard and we are proud to be able to provide our Honor Radio to further their reach. It is an HONOR to have the ability to provide these to our listening audience. Be sure to share with your friends!

Honor Radio: Episode 001

Scott McEwen, Best-selling author and Patriot gets together with Coach Soto to discuss Chris Kyle, Education and the youth in today’s America.

Honor Radio: Episode 002

In 2015, Head Coach Joe Kennedy was placed on administrative leave when he kneeled down after a high school football game to silently pray. Listen to his story.

Honor Radio: Episode 003

Tim Ware, School Administrator, Former USC, NFL Football Phenom, Family Man. He is now overseeing security for all 42 school districts in San Diego County and continues to make a difference in the lives that he touches.

Honor Radio: Episode 004

Head Coach Kurt Hines, Coronado High School,  is very active on social media where he voices his beliefs and has gained a following to those who have been positively affected by Coach and his thoughts about what is important in life.

Honor Radio: Episode 005

Kevin Wright comes from a family of Football Fanatics. Wright, former Head Coach of IMG Academy, Bradenton, FL was in The Honor Bowl two times and we talk about his experiences in the national showcase. Insight from a storied, experienced and passionate – Great Stuff!

Honor Radio: Episode 006

Head Coach Ricky Rodriguez is young but has years of experience in football. Listen to this podcast and learn to appreciate the passion Coach has for teaching young men the values and importance that is part of the game of football.

Honor Radio: Episode 007

Ryan Partridge is the Head Coach of Liberty High School in Brentwood, CA. The Lions have been in The Honor Bowl three times and we hear from Coach what impact has been made around campus because of this event.

Honor Radio: Episode 008

On the 18th anniversary of 9-11, Honor Radio Episode 008 was recorded the Placer County Sheriff Offices in Auburn, CA.  Sheriff Devon Bell, Kathyrn Marie Holt, Honor Group Marketing and PR joined Coach Soto for a rousing conversation.

Honor Radio: Episode 009

With the onset of COVID-19 around the world, Dave Howe, VP Client Success & Compliance, MetroList, Sacramento, CA, offers his thoughts as to how Real Estate professionals are reacting to be proactive with their own business actions.

Honor Radio: Episode 010

Ron Nocetti is the State CIF Executive Director in Sacramento, CA. Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, we reached out to Ron to hear how the CIF is dealing with schools closing.

Honor Radio: Episode 011

Bill Gunn – Centennial High School Athletic Director – Corona, CA talks about how the current COVID-19 situation is affecting the students, athletes, teachers, Coaches, administration and community.

Honor Radio: Episode 012

Tim Davis – Movement Mortgage – National Sales Coach. Mark Soto talks with Tim Davis about the current COVID-19 situation and how today there is a need to be focused when working at home and gives a guideline that leads to success.

Honor Radio: Episode 013

Joe Davidson | Sacramento Bee Senior Staff Writer/Columnist talks to Mark Soto and Rick Sutter about how COVID-19 is affecting students, athletes and communities.

Honor Radio: Episode 014

Eric Sondheimer – LA Times Prep Sports Columnist talks about how COVID-19 is affecting Spring Sports, recruiting and potential issues due to conditioning and eligibility.

Honor Radio: Episode 015

Honor Radio Episode #015 – Nickole Sutter – Human Resources Manager – City of San Luis Obispo, CA. This podcast will focus on what the City has done to address the Local Emergency.

Honor Radio: Episode 016

Dr. John Jackson is the President of one of America’s most respected Christian Universities. He took a few minutes to talk about The Spirit of Calm. Listen as John talks about four important points: Reveal, Reset, Rentry and Reformation. America needs to listen to this inspiring and timely message.

Honor Radio: Episode 017

Daryl Rogers – Better Homes & Gardens RE | Faith Palmer – Old Republic Title. Mark Soto talks with two Real Estate friends about how the COVID-19 situation has changed their business. This is a time to a new way to be productive, creative and appreciative.

Honor Radio: Episode 018

Kevin Bracy – Motivational Extraordinaire talks with Mark Soto about life during ‘stay at home’ 2020! Kevin does a lot of work with schools and has quickly adapted to be virtual in his approach. Brace yourself for words of hope, words of gratitude and GREATNESS!

Honor Radio: Episode 019

Paul Rudy is Mr. Prep Sports in the greater San Diego area. For years, KUSI has been the heartbeat of High School sports due to the genius of Paul Rudy, a multiple EMMY award winner. Paul and Mark talk about how COVID-19 has affected the San Diego area and the hopes that this situation will be cautiously be lifted to have schools return. It is always a fun time to spend time with Paul and we look forward to the fall when The Honor Bowl returns to San Diego in September!

Honor Radio: Episode 020

John Lynch Sr. talks w Mark Soto and Rick Sutter about how he got involved with The Honor Bowl, the U-T San Diego, his son John Lynch Jr and the 49ers and more. Great conversation and insight of a great American Family!

Honor Radio: Episode 021

Jared Muela is the Director of Prep Sports and Fan Engagement for the SF 49ers. Since 2017 Jared has been the conduit for The Honor Bowl and the 49er organization who has been the Presenting Sponsor for the nationally acclaimed showcase. Jared is a fan of the event and has helped provide validation that a National Football team recognizes the value that The Honor Bowl provides to the youth of America.

Honor Radio: Episode 022

Casey Taylor has been an inspirational partner and supporter of The Honor Bowl. When Taylor was head coach at Del Oro, Battle for Veterans has hosted in Loomis for three years. In 2013 The Honor Bowl had it’s first games on the Loomis campus. Now Casey Taylor has become the new head coach of a powerhouse football school – Inderkum in Sacramento where he will again provide leadership and football prowess. This Honor Radio segment will include a background to Taylor, his love for The Honor Bowl and the future of football in California during the COVID-19 situation.

Honor Radio: Episode 023

Mothers Day Special with Nancy Mathis and Yvonne Howerton, both Cancer Overcomers. Grab some tissue and delve into the journeys of two amazing women who continue living with Cancer that has been brought into their lives.

Honor Radio: Episode 024

Special Guest, Kirk Uhler. This man and his family have been a friend to The Honor Group for many years. He is a Placer County Supervisor and lately with the Covid virus crisis he has taken on a patriotic leadership role to engage the Governor regarding re-opening business in Placer County, CA. You will learn a great deal about Kirk, his family, his patriotism and why he is taking a stand for the people and businesses of Placer County.

Honor Radio: Episode 028

Mitch Stephens is an award-winning sportswriter and columnist. He spent 16 years in the Bay Area Newspaper Group and several years as a freelancer before landing as The San Francisco Chronicles prep editor in 2002. In 2007 he accepted a national columnist post with CBS/ and the following year took on both the MaxPreps and Chronicle roles. In 2023, Mitch became the Senior Editor for Scorebook Live.