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Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Life with Service Dogs

What:  The Honor Group Fundraiser: Help provide service dogs to veterans in need.


Now- July 30th

Where: On-line at
Why: Join ABC10, Bonney Plumbing and The Honor Group to help provide life changing service dogs to Veteran’s struggling with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). According to the Veterans Administration, there are over 4 million veterans living with some form of combat-related PTS. Many of these veteran’s find it difficult to return to a normal civilian life.  But research shows something as simple as man’s best friend can jumpstart the healing process for our men and women of service…helping to greatly minimize combat related PTS and TBI.
More Info:  Service dogs have shown the following positive impacts on PTSD veterans:
  • Increased patience, impulse control, emotional regulation
  • Improved ability to display affection and improved sleep
  • Increase in assertiveness skills, sense of purpose and sense of calm.
  • Improved parenting skills and family dynamics
  • Decreased depression, startle responses and pain medications
  • Lowered stress levels

ABC10 Honor Group Fundraiser Backgrounder

The Honor Group’s mission is to educate students, coaches and communities about the needs of our military veterans and now… also fund the needs of our veterans with PTS directly by supplying free PTS Service & Companion dogs thanks to contributors – like you!
Contact: For more information or to arrange an interview:

Mellisa Paul: ABC10 (916) 321-3201

Mark Soto: The Honor Group (916)791-3323