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The Honor Group

The Honor Group’s mission is to educate students, coaches, and the community about patriotism while raising money for injured, ill, and wounded veterans. We do this by going into the schools of America with exciting athletic competitions, educational school assemblies, and community outreach events. These events raise pride for our country within our students, coaches, and community regarding the sacrifices of our nation’s active serving and military veterans. We see hearts change, we see people grow with a renewed sense of patriotism, and mostly we see the students and community bond with military veterans. It is beautiful to see and we are honored to be a part of this great mission.


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"It's more than just a football game!"

We bring schools together

Educational Experiences

American Pride for our Military

Camp Pendleton Experience

More than just a game

Memories for life!

Events rarely witnessed

We Give Back!

Motivational Memories

Life changing discussions

Recognizing Sacrifice and Respect

Words to remember and live by

When do the 2024 Honor Bowl Games Start?








2024 Southern California Honor Bowl

Friday, September 6   |  Saturday, September 7
Cathedral Catholic High School San Diego, CA

This will be the seventh time that The Honor Bowl will be hosted at Cathedral Catholic High School. The setting is spectacular in Manchester Stadium.  Five games with teams coming in from Arizona and California to play in honor of the men and women who volunteer to protect our freedoms here in America. This will be the first time that The Honor Bowl will also have Ladies Flag Football and the first time that a Ladies team from out of state will also play!

 2024 Arizona Honor Bowl

Friday, September 20
Red Mountain High School – Mesa, Arizona

Saturday, September 21
Liberty High School  –  Peoria, AZ

The Honor Bowl will be played in Arizona in two different high school stadiums. That’s right: The Honor Bowl is now in Arizona! Friday night will have the first of two Ladies Flag football games, both Friday and Saturday at 4:00pm. Red Mountain – Mesa will host Friday after experiencing The Honor Bowl in 2022 and 2023 in San Diego. Saturday Night will be at Liberty Lion Stadium in Peoria with a strong Flag Football matchup and a nightcap finale that is one of the Nation’s game of the Week! 

Announcing Honor Radio. We plan to offer a weekly PodCast with guests that have a special relationship with The Honor Group and The Honor Bowl. Here will be your chance to listen to great stories, pertinent discussions, and compelling talks. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share this with you. Please share with your friends. We believe this is something special to spread around to have a deeper understanding of why we do what we do.

Mark Soto: Host for Honor Radio
Rick Sutter: Executive Producer Honor Radio


What We Do

The HonorGroup is a group of dedicated, passionate and resourceful people who believe that our communities are enriched with experiences that involve the brave men and women who volunteer to protect our freedoms. The Honor Bowl, our flagship event, is a well-respected national high school football showcase. We do our best to pit the best of the best together that includes an educational element for students, athletes, coaches, and their communities.

Camp Pendleton 

The SoCal Honor Bowl offers a rare behind-the-scenes journey behind the gates of Camp Pendleton, the West Coast’s Premier Expeditionary Training Base. Listen to Marine Command, wounded veterans and Gold Star Moms.

Mission Statement

Educate students, coaches, and communities about American patriotism while raising financial resources for injured, ill and wounded veterans.

Purpose Statement

The Three E’s: Educate – Empower – Equip

Educate means that The Honor Group will play an even greater role in introducing American youth to the history of this country and the individuals and groups that give meaning to what it means to be part of America.  In addition, educate means that with the foundation of knowing our history, American youth can learn about the future and, particularly, their indispensable role in that future.

Empower means that The Honor Group is committed to the true empowerment of both veterans and youth to play significant and dynamic roles in American society both today and in the future.

Equip means that The Honor Group will not only work with organizations already doing wonderful work on behalf of veterans but will offer other resources in areas that are not provided.  Equip also means that American youth will have the backbone and drive to make a life for themselves, offering assistance but making sure that the young men and women do it on their own so that they can truly appreciate the sense of satisfaction and self-worth that comes from earning their way in life.




Our program had a tremendous experience and we would LOVE to be a part of this event every year. What a great message for our young men to hear!

Saguaro Football  Scottsdale, AZ

“Our school and community were blown away by the power of the Honor Tour. We saw our community bind together for a CAUSE like we had never seen before. Thank you for bringing this event to our school”.

Jay Berns – Principal Lincoln High School

“Every year our school wants to compete in The Honor Bowl. Our students, coaches and community love this event and we help fund raise to be a part of it”.


Matt Logan, Head Coach Corona Centennial

“The Honor Bowl represents everything that’s best about America in terms of what the people who serve this country and sacrifice for this country.”

Charlie Collins, Head Football Coach, Oaks Christian High School

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