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HonorRadio will provide listeners with people that The Honor Group have been associated with for years. This includes top High School Coaches and ADs, Military Officers, veterans and so many friends of The Honor Group.

It is about time for us to share our history of great games, events that motivates us to continue to plan and deploy The Honor Bowl and many other events that The Honor Group is involved in.

If you have a suggestion for a great guest, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Honor Radio: Episode 001

Scott McEwen, Best-selling author and Patriot gets together with Coach Soto to discuss Chris Kyle, Education and the youth in today’s America.



Honor Radio: Episode 002

In 2015, Head Coach Joe Kennedy was placed on administrative leave when he kneeled down after a high school football game to silently pray. Listen to his story.

Honor Radio: Episode 003

Tim Ware, School Administrator, Former USC, NFL Football Phenom, Family Man.

Honor Radio: Episode 004

Head Coach Kurt Hines has an amazing story to tell. We salute Coach Hines and what he is achieving on the field, in the classroom, and in the community!


Honor Radio: Episode 005

Head Coach Kevin Wright comes from a family of Football Fanatics. We respect Coach Wright and his staff at IMG and are pleased to bring a conversation with Coach Wright and Mark Soto in this episode of Honor Radio.



Honor Radio: Episode 006

Head Coach Ricky Rodriguez is young but has years of experience in football. Listen to this podcast and learn to appreciate the passion Coach has for teaching young men the values and importance that is part of the game of football.

Honor Radio: Episode 007

Head Coach Ryan Partridge had his share of football from youth to college. Currently the Head Coach of the Liberty Lions in Brentwood, CA, Ryan talks about The Honor Bowl and how changes of patriotism happened to his school.

Honor Radio: Episode 008

On the 18th anniversary of 9-11, Honor Radio Episode 008 was recorded the Placer County Sheriff Offices in Auburn, CA.  Sheriff Devon Bell, Kathyrn Marie Holt, Honor Group Marketing and PR joined Coach Soto for a rousing conversation.


Honor Radio: Episode 009

With the onset of COVID-19 around the world, Dave Howe offers his thoughts as to how Real Estate professionals are reacting to be proactive with their own business actions.